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We believe that kitchen is the most important place in your house and it should always be in perfect shape. While remodeling your kitchen, tiling is often the choice for flooring and countertops. At Impressive Tiling, we offer unparalleled services for kitchen tiling which are second to none in Banbury.


Kitchen tiling is the work of professionals and the right choice in your tillers is essential to ensure a statement of beauty that is long lasting. Choosing us means that you can expect high quality of workmanship along with exceptional results. We have sufficient expertise as well as experience to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our work. To make sure that your kitchen tiling is installed beyond perfection, we undertake a series of steps to ensure that we do an excellent job. 

Selecting the tiles:


Discover our premium selection of tiles for your kitchen


Tile selection plays the most important part in the final outlook of your kitchen. It determines the style and elegance of your kitchen. You can determine the shape, design and colour of the tiles to match your personality and style. Our consultants have many years of experience so they can give a boost to your creativity and help you in deciding the tiles. You can choose the tiles in one tone or you can opt for a mixture of colours to provide a unique contrast that is eye-catching. No matter what type of tiles you choose for your kitchen, we decorate your kitchen in such a way that it looks elegant and appealing. 


Floor preparation:

The walls and floor of the kitchen need to be prepared and leveled, before the tiles can be installed. We scrub and level the floor before installation and then measure the area to determine the number of tiles we would require for your kitchen area. We level the floor perfectly into a flat surface, so that the tiles can sit in perfectly.


We believe that there are numerous ways to modernise the looks of a kitchen. We give you many choices that include glass mosaic tiles, polished porcelain or traditional brick bond country tiles.


At Impressive Tiling, we set the benchmark for the quality of tiles in the industry. Our tiles are manufactured to the highest of the standards to make sure that they serve you for many years to come. Moreover, our quality tiles have outstanding finishing so you won’t have to get them polished for a long time. We promise, these tiles would give you the same glossy and shiny look. 


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